About Abbie

I’m a wife & mother of 4.  In 2016, I had entered a season where God did some major healing and restoring in my life from depression and past emotional trauma.  This season lasted about 7 months, where I was privileged to experience the manifested presence of Jesus throughout the day right in my home.  During this season He impressed on my heart about “identity” and “intimacy”.  He spoke to me about me being creative as He is creative- ofcourse since he’s the Creator- that would make sense.  He really emphasized creativity, then He began giving me visions during worship.  I heard Him say “prophetic photography”.  I had never, ever heard of this before.  I searched it out but there really wasn’t anything on the subject.  So I took up photography and found myself very interested in recreating these visions He’s given me in hopes of bringing inspiration to others & revealing the true ways and heart of God to the world.  Through these visions and through the photographs He has elaborated and unraveled the meanings behind them.  This is my journey with the living, real, loving and beautiful Creator.