Made by LOVE, to love and BE LOVED…


Have you ever stopped and really soaked it in? Have you stilled yourself lately and observed the beauty created in and around us? There are endless details, delicate and profound. The eyelashes intentionally placed just above your eyes. The wind? Fire? How it is all interlinked somehow- one needing the other? Sounds? Music? The perfect placement of our solar system? The force that literally holds everything we know together.  Symbols in the bible and in our world.  Like numbers- ever notice how certain numbers God used a lot in the Bible are infused all over our world and in science?  What about the 12 tribes of Israel?  And 12 disciples…12 hours of day and 12 of night… and so much more that fascinates me but that’s for another post. We should be always conscious of these things.  These things are whispers of His ways; His love.  We’re not always aware.  We admire it, maybe take notice but we become so used to it.  Used to breathing or being- and we miss the message.

But why?

Something I came to understand about all these things, our very selves as well, is that we are not only loved by God- but are active expressions of His love. Of Himself.  We are a divine expression of our Master, our King.  The eternal & everlasting God, Yahweh. When God spoke us into being- He breathed life out of HIS very being. Out of Himself, out of pure, divine Love.  Awaken to His love.  It’s all around you… You can’t escape His love.  Like the air we breathe.  This life has message.

That is why sin is so unacceptable to Him. It is our misalignment with our created purpose. Sin is translated literally as “missing the mark“. This revelation goes so deep and is so infused with such intense love- it’s impossible to completely understand.  We have been made out of love.  Both physically and spiritually. This is why for example, intimacy must be kept pure between a man and a woman…. this is so precious to Him. It is a representation of the Artist and Author.

The Devil himself knows it.  He knew about this Love from the beginning.  So from the beginning he had a plan to destroy that image; the understanding of our identity in Love.  He set out to pervert marriage, sex, the idea of love…every little thing he could hack up to ruin the very core of our reason for existence- the message… and mostly the image of who our Maker is.   And the only one who can restore this truth is Truth Himself.  Satan set out to sow strongholds in your mind.  The Devil hates God.  And he hates you because your meant to look like God.  Pretty simple.  And he’s not stupid.  Since the beginning he knew to go for THE MIND.  If you can get to the mind of something, you can control it and from there- destroy it or others.  That’s why the first encounter we have with him in the Bible is of him manipulating Eve into questioning whether or not God REALLY did say not to eat that fruit.  But lets not be an Eve.  WE now have the honor of the Holy Spirit’s indwelling.  And with our submission and His leading- we can be set free from mindsets we didn’t even know we had…and receive the MIND OF CHRIST.

How can we fully understand this?  How do we get the mind of Christ?  By asking for and receiving the Holy Spirit.  Then by reading His word (a good place to start is between John and Jude in the new testament) and speaking His promises over our lives and believing them.  Because He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  We have to let the Holy Spirit redirect us to the Father. If you still have strongholds (wrong ways of thinking- any thinking patterns that wedges between the ability to love others or be loved by God or others is my simple definition) that hinder this understanding- you can ask Him to help you.  There really is no strict list of steps because it’s all a supernatural inner healing that the Holy Spirit gently works out.  It’s really about believing what He says and yielding to His work.  It’s a wonderful thing to be free and have the mind of Christ & see things from His perspective. Then you will finally have a true sense of Identity.  We were created by Love, to love and BE LOVED.

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  1. And be loved! I needed to have this spoken into my life today! Thank you

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