Be who He says you are…

I am Authentic.  I am Creative.  I am hand crafted.  I am profound.  I am beautiful. 

I am custom made.

No one else can do what I was designed and destined to do.  I am not to be restricted by regulations of man and religion.  I am not to be confined to the pattern set by the men and women before me.  I was made with an authentic mind and with creativity engrafted into my being.  Because my Creator is creative, I am a Creative.  I can’t be someone else’s design & they cannot be mine.  When I am in my right identity and I break free out of the container the world has put me into, I will naturally worship and glorify my Creator because I am aligned as His perfect design.  I am designer quality.  I am pure.  I am not determined by the value “this world” places on me. 

My Creator says I am priceless.


I’ll use the analogy of a diamond.  Would you trust just anyone to determine the value of a diamond? No.  You would be absolutely sure to choose someone who is qualified/accredited for this.  And if you possessed an uncut raw diamond would you allow just anyone to determine and perform how it’s cut? No.  You would surely choose an Artisan that was skilled and an expert at performing this task.

“No two diamonds, even with the same numbers, handle light or “perform” the same. Cutting, more than any other factor, determines the beauty and brilliance of a diamond.  A flawless diamond may lack beauty and brilliance due to poor cutting.  In order to find a diamond that is both beautiful and brilliant, it is necessary to first search for a diamond that is well proportioned and balanced in color and clarity.”

…and if you would be so particular with a DIAMOND, why then would you be so lenient with your very own person? Your life, dreams, identity, worth, value?!

Allowing just anyone to handle the dreams God has placed in your heart.  Allowing just anyone to determine your value, purpose, “cut’.  Allowing your destiny to be shaped and conformed to the destinies of those before you? When we believe the lie that we are not who He says we are and listen to any other voice, we are allowing others to determine our value.  Diamond’s don’t have a say in how the gem cutter should cut it.  “a flower doesn’t compare itself to the flower next to it, it just blooms”.  When we allow others to pick apart, confine or quench our God given desires- we are allowing THEM to cut us into shapes that deem our lives and purposes a value LESS THAN what our very Creator has intended it to be.

You were not meant to STAY on the very path OTHERS set before you.  The only person’s path your to walk is Jesus’ and that’s cause He’s the only one who can walk you through your true destiny in His love an grace.  You were not created to be a model of another person’s life.  You were not made to just sing the same song as everybody else.  You are not an echo.  Or paint the same painting.  Or dance the same dance.  You are an attribute expression of our Creator.  A masterpiece of the Master.  And He wants to “chisel” you out of the mold.  He wants to shape you into the perfect fragment meant to reflect and filter His light in a way no one else can!

So ASK Him (Matthew 7:7) to shine His light on how you’ve may been restrained, bound, conformed in any way!  Just ask the Holy Spirit to come (where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom) & give you the wings you were always meant to have.  His voice is the ONLY voice you should allow to determine who you are and what you’re about.  Ask Him to silence every other voice.  Whether it be the world’s, traditions, religion, voices of fear or insignificance.  Most of us have lies we’ve believed for so long- it’s impossible to expose them without the help of Holy Spirit.  He is the Way, Truth and the Life.  We will know our true identity the closer we get to the Maker of that identity. You’re a valuable work of art which without would make the Kingdom of Heaven incomplete. Be all you were designed for! When you know who you are in Him, then you can be all you were made to be and do all you were made to do.

He died, bled and conquered death all for that you know…


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  1. Amen and hallelujah!!!!!


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