Do you see your value through His eyes?

I’m in awe of His splendor.  Just sitting here meditating on how amazing His intentions towards us.  I look around and let it settle in how His thoughts are so high toward us.  He has literally done everything around us FOR US.  Words can’t even describe it.  I can’t even find a way to express His awesome love!  He first loved US.  Starting from the very beginning of life.  He formed the earth and everything in it FOR US, presenting it before us as a token of His love toward us.  The earth decorated for us as a gorgeous wonderland filled with wonders to be discovered.  With mysteries and expressions of His immense love for us permeated throughout it all.

The reason I emphasize that this was all FOR US is because of the simple revelation that it took Him “5 days” to fully ready it all for us.  Like a welcome party He dreamed up, designed and decorated the entire universe from the greatest detail to the smallest so that everything was fully set and displayed upon our entrance.  One thing somehow collaborating with another- all weaved together…nothing without purpose.  Then like an amazing Dad awakening His beloved child on their birthday, He crafted and breathed us to life.  He awakened us to the fully perfected wonderland of love at last… in a garden full of treasures to behold, on the 6th and last day of His creation process.  And on the 7th day, He rested.  He gazed upon us pleased and fully content with the expressions of His love through and toward us.

We have little understanding of His views and thoughts toward us.  The enemy will try to destroy this understanding by implanting lies in our heads.  One is that we are a mistake.  Another is that we are a disgrace to Him, and so many more.  But however you see yourself, your life, value and the world around you, I encourage you to ask Him to let you see through His eyes! Just go before the throne (your secret  place of prayer) and ask Jesus to show you what He really sees when He looks at you.  Ask Him how he really feels.  I pray that the personal revelation will blow your mind!  It has to me.  I see everything differently in life after encountering Him and listening purposefully to his pure and true small voice.  Anything that does not align with the words He said over Jesus, “this is my BELOVED son/daughter in whom I am well pleased” is a lie.  Reject it and replace it with the truth.  You are now made right with God.  It’s now your responsibility to tear down those strongholds (lies) and renew your mind.  You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

What would life be like if everyone had a full & constant understanding of LIFE as a gift?  If we were conscious of every breath and heartbeat as a whisper of God’s words “I LOVE YOU” love, the verb- His love, the endless verb.  I don’t mean our shallow, tossed around version of I love you.  I mean His.  His version is constant action even if in His stillness.  His love is the giving of Himself.  In our very creation and existence we are a product of His love, of Him who IS LOVE.  A very great thing to be a product of in my opinion.  How much more would we value ourselves if we knew our specific makeup, talents, dreams and creative abilities were a facet of who He is?  Or if we were aware of how He paints the sky uniquely for us everyday.  He delights in you, and His eyes are fixed on you.

Don’t forget to thank Him today but mostly ask Him to make you more aware of His gifts to you in this Life.  Of course the very best gifts of all, His Son who saw you as valuable when He came to die in your place.  And then sent the Holy Spirit to live IN you and never leave you.  He is thrilled about you! You are a treasure to Him.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure that a man discovered hidden in a field. In his excitement, he hid it again and sold everything he owned to get enough money to buy the field.”

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