Here we go…

So I guess my first blog post should be something about why I decided to start writing…

We’ll first thing I’ll make clear, I’m completely obsessed with Jesus and the Kingdom of Heaven.

 I’ve been on a pretty amazing journey so far & it has set the bar for me to just expect more amazingly supernatural things to happen!

 I will also make clear that I’m determined to KEEP IT REAL.  And fortunately the supernatural is real and completely normal & natural.  

 I’ve been through many storms and I’ve faced many trials but I stand firm knowing the God who holds me will always be faithful!  Now anytime I am going through a crazy season I find it exciting to see how Jesus is gonna work it out for me.  So I’ve just been falling more in love with my Savior every day & I felt it put on my heart to share.

He has blessed me with some revelatory gems to share.  I really try to write whatever overflow I get from my intimacy with Him.  So I am hoping this will reach some of His Beloved.  And even if just ONE person, this will have been worth it.  Even if that one person is me, lol!

I am passionate about seeing God’s people encounter His eternal Love in His presence & discover who they really are and what they really mean to Him!  I questioned what to write about, because I’m a mother & a wife and there’s a lot of different things one can right about.  But these are the revelations the Holy Spirit has poured out on me & they come so naturally from my relationship with Him.  The writings are very dear to my heart & I hope they will be to whoever else reads them.

So, here we go.

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